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Kirkstile Community Centre
Kirkstile Community Centre
A big thank you to all the members of the Kirkstile 100 club!

We managed to do a drawing of prizes tonight and the winners are as follows:
September winners:
£50 - number 122 - D & L Smith (Branthwaite)
£25 - number 134 - S. Lloyd (Branthwaite)
October winners:
£50 - number 42 - J. Harrison (Branthwaite)
£25 - number 16 - P. Newlove (Cockermouth)
November winners:
£50 - number 145 - A. Sparke (Dean)
£25 - number 56 - C.M. Hetherington (Branthwaite)
December Jackpot winner:
£100 - number 50 - Pearl Wilson (Eaglesfield)

If you would like to become a member of the 100 and support our local Centre then please contact:
Louise Richardson:
Kirkstile Community Centre
Kirkstile Community Centre
A special seat has been dedicated to Mona Brough as a big 'thank you' for 46 years as the community centre caretaker on her retirement.
Alan Dawson designed, made and installed the seat which has been sited opposite the Kirkstile Community Centre.
Kirkstile Community Centre
Kirkstile Community Centre
The Kirkstile Community Centre will reopen on 28th September. 😀

We have worked out that the maximum number of people allowed following social distancing rules will be 17.
We are hoping that the local community will support the reopening and if you are interested in hiring the hall for children's parties, meetings or other activities then please send a message so that we can make suitable arrangements or alternatively book on the website deankirkstilehall.org.uk
Thank you