Terms and Conditions

  1. The person requesting the booking will be considered the ‘hirer’ and must be over 18 years old.
  2. Our Insurance Company will not allow any bouncy castles or any other inflatables being used
    in the hall.
  3. I take full personal responsibility for any damage or nuisance caused in the hall or any
    adjoining property by attendees at the function.
  4. I undertake to leave the hall with all tables and chairs put away, the floors swept and any
    rubbish put in the appropriate bins outside the hall.
  5. I note that if alcohol is to be sold at the function, I am responsible for obtaining the
    appropriate licence, and for ensuring that any bar/serving facility closes at least 30 minutes
    before the end time of the hire stated above.
  6. The maximum number of people permitted to be in the hall at any one time during the hire is
  7. I am responsible for ensuring that the level of noise during the hire will not cause a nuisance
    to any reasonable neighbour.
  8. I the hirer will pay for any damage caused in the hall or the kitchen or to any of the
    equipment therein.
  9. For safety reasons we ask that any candles used are placed in a covered holder / containers.
    Otherwise the imitation candles can be used.
  10. I will pay all monies owing to the KCC by cash/cheque /bank transfer on receipt of an invoice.
  11. In the interests of saving energy please turn off all lights and heating when leaving the hall.
    You will be shown how to do this. The Caretaker will lock up the hall after the booking but
    not necessarily as you are leaving.
  12. No smoking in the hall and surrounding area.
  13. Please check when booking the hall if you are doing anything on the floor that may scratch it
    and cause damage eg using sand, dancing etc so that we can agree measures to prevent
  14. I will ensure that the hall is vacated by 11.00 pm on weekdays or Sundays, and 1.00 am on
    Fridays and Saturdays.